An experienced editor with a solid background in long and short form narrative, episodic and documentary storytelling.

The Last Laugh (Feature)
NETFLIX, Paris Films
Producers: Rob Paris,Todd Lewis, Gul K. Bildik
Director: Greg Pritikin
Cast: Chevy Chase, Richard Dreyfuss, Andie MacDowell, Lewis Black, Kate Micucci, Chris Parnell
Notes: 4K Feature Comedy

And Now, Love (Documentary)
Dreamscape Entertainment
Producers: Edith Becker, Jill Demby-Guest
Director: Jill Demby-Guest
Notes: Multi-Format Feature Documentary

The Evil Within (Feature)
Vision Films, Supernova, LLC
Producer: Michael Luceri, Robert Hickey
Director: Andrew Getty
Cast: Fred Koehler, Sean Patrick Flannery, Dina Meyer, Kim Darby
Notes: Super-35mm Feature Horror Thriller

Weediquette (Documentary Series)
Executive Producer: Jordan Roberts
Producer: Nick Carew
Directors: Various
Notes: Multi-Format Documentary Series

This Is Dance Music (Documentary Series)
MTV World, Goldncuffs LLC
Producers: Meghan Reynolds, John Seabright
Director: Nika Offenbac
Notes: 6 Episode Multi-Format Documentary Series

Orion (Feature)
Traction Media, Zyzak Film Company
Producers: Magdalena Zyzak, Ralf Weinfurtner
Director: Asiel Norton
Cast: David Arquette, Lily Cole, Goran Kostic
Notes: 4K Post Apocalyptic Feature Drama

Game Quest (Reality Series)
Red Bull Media House, Microsoft
Producers: Gabor Harrach, Taryn Kosviner
Director: Bryce Gubler
Notes: 4K Episodic Reality Series on Game Development

Sugar (Feature)
Traverse Media, Village Entertainment
Producers: Ari Palitz, Rotimi Rainwater, Andrew Troy
Director: Rotimi Rainwater
Cast: Shenae Grimes, Corbin Bleu, Nastassja Kinski, Marshall Allman
Notes: RED Feature Drama

Rushlights (Feature)
Vertical Entertainment
Producers: Cecilia Miniucchi, Jeffrey Coulter, Gabriella Stollenwerck, Antoni Stutz
Director: Antoni Stutz
Cast: Aidan Quinn, Beau Bridges, Haley Webb, Josh Henderson, Jordan Bridges
Notes: Super 35mm Feature Suspense Thriller

Dinner at the No-Gos (Documentary)
Mojo Entertainment LLC
Producer: Mark Brockbank, Louie Jones, Bilal Mekkaoui, Marco Orsini
Director: Marco Orsini
Cast: Marco Orsini, Bilal Mekkaoui
Notes: Multi-Format Feature Documentary

American Veterans: Discarded and Forgotten (Documentary)
Gary Null & Associates
Producer: Shannon Burnett
Directors: Gary Null, Richard Polonetsky
Writer: Gary Null
Notes: Multi-Format Feature Doc

Moonshine to the Finish Line: An Unofficial History of NASCAR

L'orange Studios, Civilian Pictures
Producers: Robert Fagan, John Lyons Murphy, Scott Pasch
Director: John Lyons Murphy
Featuring: Bobby Allison, Junior Johnson,"Tiger" Tom Pistone,
H.A. "Humpy" Wheeler, Curtis Turner, Cotten Owens
Notes: Multi-Format Feature Doc

Namaste Nepal (Documentary)
Purgatory Productions, Cinterra Pictures
Producers: Jessica Canty,
K'Dee Miller Director: Kenny Meehan,
Matt McCroskey
Notes: Multi-Format Feature Doc

Redland (Feature)
The Hunter, LLC; Zyzak Film
Co. Producer: Magdelena Zyzak
Director: Asiel Norton
Cast: Lucy Adden, Toben Seymore, Mark Aaron, Sean Thomas
Notes: 35mm Feature Drama
*Independent Spirit Award Nominated

The Reluctant Traveler (Documentary)
DirectTV, Duly Noted, Inc.
Producers: Effie T. Brown, Megan McGuiness
Director: Marco Orsini
Notes: Multi-Format Feature Doc

Economy Superstar (Documentary)
Cactus Eyelash, LLC
Producer: Jerry A. Henry
Director: Jerry A. Henry
Featuring: Miles Fox, Timothy W. Hansen
Notes: Feature Documentary

Megadeth: That One Night – Live in Buenos Aires (Concert Video)
Image Entertainment, Too Far to the Left Productions
Producers: Shalini Waran, Michael Sarna
Director: Michael Sarna
Notes: Full Length, Platinum Selling HD Multi-Cam Live Concert DVD

It Ain't Over Til It's Over (Short)
Elevate Films
Producers: Perrin Chiles, Chris Sherrill
Director: Chris Bradley
Featuring: Shelley Berman, Lillian Adams, Howard F. Flynn
Notes: Documentary Short Subject
Winner: Best Editing, Best Documentary, Audience Award - Elevate 5 Festival, LA

Nice Bombs (Documentary)
7th Art Releasing, Artvamp, Benzfilm Group
Producers: Kristie Alshaibi, Ben Berkowitz, Ben Redgrave
Director: Usama Alshaibi
Exectutive Producer: Studs Terkel
Notes: Multi Format Feature Doc
Winner: Best Documentary – Chicago Underground Film Festival

Walk The Talk (Feature)
Sonet Film, Sound Pictures
Producers: Joakim Hansson, Doug Bernheim, John Limotte, Zoula Pitsiava
Director: Matthew Allen
Cast: Chris Pratt, Illeana Douglas, Carey Elwes, Evan Ellingson,
Katie Cassidy, Anson Mount, Katie Finneran, Clayne Crawford
Notes: HD Feature Comedy

Pittsburgh (Feature)
Starz, International Orange, Prosperity Pictures, Ripe Digital Entertainment
Producers: Jeff Goldblum, Keith Addis, Patrick Bradley
Director: Chris Bradley & Kyle LaBrache
Cast: Jeff Goldblum, Ed Begley Jr., Illeanna Douglas, Moby, Catherine Wreford,
Liza Minelli, Conan OFBrien, Craig Kilborn, Keith Addis
Notes: Feature Comedy Mockumentary

Unbeatable Harold (Feature)
LG Entertainment, All Is Well Films
Producers: James Henney, Gareth West
Director: Ari Palitz
Cast: Dylan McDermott, Taryn Manning, Henry Winkler, Gladys Knight,
Nicole DeHuff, Gordon Michaels, Phyllis Diller
Notes: Super-16mm Feature Comedy

Surviving Eden (Feature)
Cineville, Picture Entertainment Corp
Producers: Carl Colpaert, Lisa Larrivee
Director: Greg Pritikin
Cast: Jane Lynch, Peter Dinklage, Cheri Oteri, Sam Robards, Michael Panes
Notes: HD Feature Comedy Mockumentary

Pat Croce - Moving In (TV Series)
Sony Pictures Television
Producers: Barry Josephson, Thomas Klein, Arthur Smith, Kent Weed
DirectorS: Various
Featuring: Pat Croce & Various Contestants
Notes: Reality Based Syndicated Daily Strip/Talk Show

Urban Scrawls (Documentary)
The Sundance Channel, Hypnotic, Silver Lining Films
Producer: Sarah Cantu
Director: Jamie Schenk
Notes: 16mm Documentary
Winner: Best of Fest - IFP Flyover Zone, Best Doc - East Lansing Film Festival

Dummy (Feature)
Lionsgate, Artisan Entertainment, Quadrant Entertainment
Producers: Richard Temtchine, Robert Fagan
Director: Greg Pritikin
Cast: Adrien Brody, Vera Farmiga, Milla Jovovich, Illeana Douglas, Jared Harris
Notes: 35mm Feature Comedy,
Winner: Special Jury Prize - Santa Barbara International Film Festival

Monday Night at the Rock 'N Bowl (Documentary)
Live Mice Films
Producers: Jonathan Peters, Michael Palmerio, Genevieve Coleman
Director: Genevieve Coleman
Notes: Feature Documentary,
Best of Fest - Wisconsin State Journal, Wisconsin International Film Festival

Harvest Moon (Feature)
Rolly Polly Productions
Producer: Jim Roberts Director:
Jim Roberts
Cast: Ian Belknap, Julie Daley, Mikah Kanter, Coby Goff
Notes: HD Feature Drama

Straightman (Feature)
Benzfilm Group, Water Bearer Films
Producers: Ben Redgrave, Ben Berkowitz, Michael Palmerio, Victoria Kallay
Director: Ben Berkowitz
Cast: Joaquin De La Puente, Ben Redgrave, Ben Berkowitz
Notes: 16mm Feature Drama
Winner: Special Jury Prize - NewFest NY, Jury Prize -
Outfest, LA

Preps - Chicago Hoops (TV Series)
Fox Sports
Producers: Peter Rudman, Terrence Sacchi, Paul Reitano
Directors: Various
Featuring: Featuring: Eddy Curry, Sean Dockery, Kyle Kleckner, Jason Straight,
Will Bynum, Luther Head, Pierre Pierce
Notes: 65 Episode Documentary Series

Art of the Motorcycle (Museum)
Guggenheim and Field Museums
Director: Steve Parker
Notes: Traveling Video Installation for the Guggenheim Museum's Most Successful Exhibit Ever

Adrenaline TV (TV Series)
PRH Productions
Producers/Writers: Michael Palmerio, Dan Kristufek, Paul Peddinghaus
Director: Duke Hillinger
Notes: Syndicated Extreme Sports and Adventure Reality Series

Amerikan Passport (Documentary)
IFC Films, Canal+ International, High Bias Productions
Producers: Michael Palmerio, Lanko Miyazaki, Reed Paget
Director: Reed Paget
Featuring: Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Mikhail Gorbachev
Notes: 16mm Feature Documentary
Winner: Best Documentary - Slamdance Film Festival, Audience Award – C.U.F.F.

Totally Confused (Feature)
Water Bearer Films, Murray Shuman Productions
Producer: Robert Fagan
Director: Greg Pritikin, Gary Rosen
Cast: Greg Pritikin, Gary Rose, Jackie Katzman, Duane Sharpe, Veruca Salt
Notes: Super 16mm Feature Comedy
Official Selection: IFP AIM Project, Berlin International Film Festival Cont.

Specializing In:
Narrative, Documentary, Feature, Episodic and Non-scripted/Reality Television
Offline Picture Editing, Dialogue and Music Editing, ADR, Post Production
Supervision, SFX, Project Development, Story Analysis, Notes and Fine Cut

Avid Media Composer
Apple Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Compressor
Adobe Premiere
Discreet Edit, D-Vision Pro
Film (Kem, Steenbeck)

“Michael is a skilled editor. He has cut three films I've worked on: Walk the Talk, Pittsburgh and the cult classic Dummy.
He is great at carving humor and pathos out of scenes.”
-Illeana Douglas, Actor/Writer/Director

"Urban Scrawls is witty and lively, fast paced and never boring...
your editing and structuring are first rate."
-Ken Burns, Documentarian

"Monday Night at the Rock 'N Bowl is a buoyant documentary...
snazzily edited by Michael Palmerio."
-Ted Shen, The Chicago Reader

Columbia College Chicago, BA in Film and Video